Leaflet is one of the most cost effective ways to promote products and services.

The main objective of any advertising leaflets – to attract customers, help increase sales. A main task of printing and design studio – to create an effective flyer adequately fulfill its functions.

To print flyers benefited, leaflets develop according to certain rules.

The most important of these rules – a spectacular and colorful design flyer and its clear and concise content. Bright colors and large fonts used in the design of leaflets able to pay attention to potential customers, even at a distance. The basic idea should be brief – it can be supplied in the title leaflets and elsewhere leaflets – most importantly, that she was very crisp and clear. The basic idea of ​​the leaflets usually distinguished bright colors attract the eye. Naturally, the leaflet contains certain information about the advertised product, service or company untwisted. The amount of information depends on the size of the flyers. If the format of your leaflets and small amount of information that you can place a minimum – do not worry. Interested customers call listed in the leaflet coordinates or come to your office for more information. Therefore leaflet should contain well-signposted contact details: phone, address of the company and its website.

Flyers made both color and black and white. However, the latter option is ineffective, as not to attract attention.

Plays an important role format leaflet. Many customers believe that A4 leaflets with lots of illustrations and information are able to do more good, but the practice of using different formats flyers proves that this is not the case. Most leaflet inconvenient for the person receiving it: read it on the go, he is unlikely to be in a pocket or purse flyer does not fit. In this regard, a much smaller format convenient leaflets, moreover, their production cost is cheaper due to the saving of paper, therefore print and distribute these leaflets can be much larger.

Very important is the process of distributing flyers. The main methods of distribution are: unaddressed distribution or delivery, unfolding in the mailboxes, the use of special racks or dispensers.

On the methods of distribution of flyers, you can read the article: How to spread flyers

Our printing offers you a printing services for the production of bright and colorful flyers printed, depending on circulation and urgency of manufacture, an offset or digital printing. We also offer printing services for the development of effective design flyers.